Smart Choice for Commuters

The Pan-European campaign BIKE2WORK is finally in Malta. 14 institutions from all over Europe have joined the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) in this project to set up a BIKE2WORK campaign in the 12 partner countries. Similar campaigns have been already established in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Netherland and the UK. These have resulted in highly effective tools to promote a sustainable behavioral change in transportation through a modal shift from motorized transport to cycling. BIKE2WORK campaigns involve employers to set a bike-friendly environment at work to encourage employees to travel sustainably to work.

The results achieved by the many campaigns organized are very promising. September 4th 2014 in a single day over £ 117,000 have been saved on transportation costs, 8 thousands calories have been burnt and, over 54,000 kg of CO2 saved.

Cycling is the smart choice for commuters: excellent for public health, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The positive impacts of these campaigns continue long after the action.

The main objective of the BIKE2WORK project is to achieve a significant energy-efficient modal shift from motorised modes to cycling. The project targets both employees and employers with campaigns organised all across Europe to promote the benefits of a behavioural change in commuters. Bicycle-friendly work environments set the conditions for a long impacting sustainable modal shift benefiting the community and businesses long after the action itself.

On a personal level, one benefits from better health, fitness, weight loss and transport savings. Companies have the advantages of more productive and motivated employees.

It has been proved that commuters travelling by bike take less days of sick leave*. While, the overall community, will have clean air, less traffic and availability of parking facilities for other business needs.

Paragon Europe promotes the BIKE2WORK Malta, the campaign that strives to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, combat traffic congestion and create the conditions for healthier lifestyles and transportation cost savings.

Project Targets:

  • BIKE2WORK will increase the number of commuter trips done by bicycle instead of a motorised mode;
  • BIKE2WORK will not only achieve short-term outcomes but it continues long after the action. It will have an impact on the target groups of commuters, employers and municipalities;
  • By carrying out the BIKE2WORK campaigns and improving the bicycle-friendliness of employers, the number of participants in the various countries will be raised.BIKE2WORK campaigns that have already been establish have resulted in 8,870 tonnes of fuel savings (toe) and 52,299 tonnes CO2 savings (tCO2e), during the project;**
  • In order to achieve positive feedback and further increase in the number of cycling commuters, a wide range of organisations from all across Europe, each sharing its diverse experiences with bike2work campaigns, developed a twofold approach targeting both employees and employers. The aim of the project is to improve the bicycle-friendliness of at least 295 new employers throughout the project.***
  • BIKE2WORK campaigns around Europe have been so successful that 22,000 tonnes of fuel (toe) and 133,500 tonnes CO2 (tCO2e) are expected to be saved between 2015 and 2020. A concrete behavioural change is an actual turning-point toward a cleaner air.

Role of Paragon Europe:

Paragon Europe will promote a sustainable modal shift in Malta and place the first milestone for a behavioural change towards riding a bike to work organising one of the campaigns and involving 1,000 participants. This campaign involves the setting up of a project team including supporters, volunteers and stakeholders, together with the establishment of a website. These campaigns will also depend a lot on the media coverage and marketing, as it is through this mechanism that the project aims to reach out to a larger number of people. Meanwhile, Paragon Europe will also be establishing consultation sessions with employers, for the project to be more effective. Finally, Paragon Europe will also host one of the intermediary meetings in Malta, welcoming all the other twelve partners in the project.


Name of the Project: Bike2Work – Smart choice for commuters

Acronym of the project: BIKE2WORK

EU funded Programme: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

Contract number: IEE/13/585/SI2.675318

Duration: 36 months

Website of the Project

Website of the EU funded Programme

*The association between commuter cycling and sickness absence.Hendriksen IJ1, Simons M, Garre FG, Hildebrandt VH., 2010 Aug;51(2):132-5. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2010.05.007. Epub 2010 May 24. click here (
**bike2work campaigns’ results available here (
***EU Commission- Intelligent Energy Europe programme on bike2work, full overview available click here (