Project Launch

7th November 2014

Press Conference

Venue: Corinthia Hotel, St. Julians

Campaign 2015

16 – 30 September 2015

Venue: Malta Stock Exchange, Valletta

The campaign was launched through a conference held on 16th September, involving local stakeholders amongst which representatives from Transport Malta, Health Promotion Directorate, Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation and the Dutch Ambassador to Malta.


Campaign 2016

Campaign Pilot test – 9th June 2016

Paragon Europe, the local entity representing Malta in the Bike2Work project, has organised a pilot test for the second edition of the campaign. Bike2Work is led by the European Cyclists’ Federation and it is an EU co-funded project. This project is aimed at encouraging a modal shift from motorised commuting to cycling, addressing both employers and employees!

There are numerous benefits which arise from shifting to cycling when commuting to work: the reduction of pollution and CO2, numerous health benefits, less waste of time, cost-effectiveness and avoidance of traffic! Malta is an ideal country to shift from motorised commuting to cycling since the distances are very short; nevertheless, Malta still has one of the highest rates of car-users.

People who have shifted to cycling have very positive comments to share; among these, we can find Gyorgy Domjan who says, “I ride around 320 km every week to work, and I love it!” and Adrian Leone Ganado who commented that “the last time that I went to work by car was more than a month ago. I have no intention to stop cycling to work and I predict that by the end of this year I will have used the bike more often than the car when considering the last 3 years from January 2014. By cycling to work I have more than halved my cost of petrol (and naturally also halved the total distance travelled by car and therefore halved my emissions).”

The 9th June pilot test was a great success, as demonstrated by the comments and photos which were sent by participants. This pilot test in fact saw close to 100 newly registered participants coming from all sorts of sectors in Malta such as Transport Malta, EASO, Malta International Airport and the University of Malta. Even the Irish Ambassador, Padraig Mac Coscair, registered and participated in this initiative! Paragon Europe would like to more people to participate during the campaign in October – will you be taking this challenge?


Project partners:

Austrian Mobility Research / Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilitaet Gemeinnutzige (FGM-AMOR), Austria; German Cyclists’ Club (ADFC), Germany; UK Cycling Charity (CTC), UK; Danish Cyclists’ Federation (DCF), Denmark.


2 week campaign this year is taking place on the 17-30 October 2016

Paragon Europe Announces Winners of BIKE2WORK Campaign

“Over 415 individuals and 17 local organisations registered and participated in the Bike2Work Campaign making this initiative, one of the most successful campaigns managed by Paragon Europe to date.”

This was announced by Edwin Ward, Chairman of Paragon Europe during a media event to announce Joanne Busuttil as the winner of the E-Bike as first prize and MAPFRE MSV Life as the winning participating company. MAPFRE MSV Life was awarded with a bike rack.

Expressing his satisfaction at the successful turnout throughout this campaign, Edwin Ward explained how the two-week Bike2Work campaign hosted by Paragon Europe between the 17th and the 30th October through the EU Intelligent Energy Programme, encouraged individuals to opt to commute to work with their bicycle. All participating individuals had to register by visiting to enter the chance of winning an E-Bike as the final prize. Companies and organisations could also register to participate by encouraging their employees through incentives and events and thus, stand the chance of winning a prize too.

Bike2Work is supported by project leader – the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF): the umbrella association of European bicycle organisations. ECF is committed to being a resource centre for campaigns by giving long-term support and coordinating knowledge dissemination. Bike2Work has 12 Partners from across Europe all with different experiences in bike-to-work campaigning. This Pan-European approach offers great opportunities for know-how transfer and the combining of successful campaign elements from different campaigns. Bike2Work celebrates this diversity and the knowledge-exchange it encourages because it leads to more efficient and more successful campaigns.

“More than the fact that the campaign managed to achieve its targets, the Bike2Work Campaign stirred a national debate on how important and urgent it is to start considering alternative modes of transport to curb the growing traffic and congestion problems. Traffic congestion and pollution have become a national problem and yet, although important solutions are possible, very few seem ready to start doing something about it,” said Edwin Ward.

“Through our two-week Bike2Work campaign, Paragon Europe is proud to have done its part and introduced cycling as a doable transport alternative. We managed to raise awareness about the four main benefits of choosing to cycle namely: reducing pollution caused by cars, contributing to a reduction in traffic, increasing physical activity and encouraging the creation of a wider mobility infrastructure,” added Edwin Ward who also thanked MAGRI CYCLES as the local sponsor of the campaign.

Norman Mifsud, Chief Officer, HR & Corporate Services of MAPFRE MSV Life expressed his satisfaction that his company was declared the winning company of the Bike2Work campaign.

In a brief statement, he said “As a Life Insurance Company we take on well-being initiatives related to exercise and nutrition and we participated in this initiative because this is in line with the company’s values and efforts to encourage staff and clients to lead a healthy life. We are also aware of the current traffic situation in Malta and therefore biking to work could be a faster alternative for some employees.”

To encourage employees to participate, the company promoted the campaign amongst all its staff, allowed employees to work in jeans and an MSV T-shirt on the day they commuted to work with their bike and were also allowed to use the company garage to park their bikes. Our work will not stop here. In fact, plans are in place for us to refurbish our offices and include showers, lockers, a dedicated sizeable “Bike Area” in the garage with all the needed facilities and a gym corner. Through these new incentives, we hope to see more employees using alternative transport other than their cars to get to work,” concluded Norman Mifsud.