Joining BIKE2WORK Campaign in Malta benefits both employers and employees.
Commuters that switch from a motorised mode to a bike, tend to be more productive and less stressed because of healthier habits and physical activity.*

Cyclists spend less time in traffic jams and looking for a place to park, which usually leads to employees arriving late at work.
Healthy employees! Healthy business!

**E-bike will be drawn randomly a week after the end of the campaign on a prize ceremony (date and places will be announced later). For every day you cycle, one gets a ticket. So the more days you cycle, the more tickets you will get and have a higher chance to win. For proving your cycling days, please upload your tracks on the Facebook event. People, who participated in the pilot test on 9th June, will already have 1 ticket.

***Most bike-friendly company will be chosen among registered companies, who do more incentives than just disseminating the campaign among the employees. The company can take several actions, such as install bike racks, shower facilities or other incentives.